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Coconut Goddess is that you? Yes, it is! She is a beautifully, decadent, highly fragrant scent! Featuring a yummy whipped coconut fragrance and a layered, decorative design with real coconut-live shavings! She smells good enough to eat but please do not eat! It’s eye candy and nose-friendly only!


Wax: Soy

Size: 5.75 oz


How to Reuse Candle Bowl:


1. While the bowl is warm, (not hot) Wipe out any remaining wax or soot from the inside of the mug/bowl with a paper towel. Remove the wick sticker and any remains of the wick with a paper towel.


2. Allow the bowl to sit until it's back to room temperature before cleaning it with hot water. Once it's no longer cold, scrub the inside and out with hot water, soap, and a sponge.


3. Dry it off and enjoy your bowl!

Coconut Cake

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